Service offerings

Here at Avalon, we're more than just marketers - we're consultants. We're also more than just content managers - we're content producers. We come to your business and help you build your brand in three aspects:

Brand Strategy

The foundation of your business - the business plan, target customer, marketing strategy, etc.

Brand Message

The framework of your business - your WHY, your company's WHY, and your target customer's WHY.

Brand Design

The furnishings of your business - building your brand (referral marketing strategies) and maintaining your brand (digital marketing strategies).

Our Solutions


Is your team already in place, but your strategy all over the place? We offer consulting services to help you develop a brand strategy, message, and design in order to lay a foundation for the development of your business.

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Content Creation

Here at Avalon Live, we pride ourselves on not just managing marketing content for brand development, but producing it through blogs, videos, pictures, and more.

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Free Trials, Forever.

Test the Waters

If you're skeptical, we definitely get it. There are a lot of people out there who are making big promises about how they can make you money but they never seem to deliver. But here at Avalon, we care about one thing: RETURN ON INVESTMENT. So, that's why we offer a free trial - a 1-hour consultation, on us. If you end up hating us, feel free to let us know and give us the boot! But if you like us (and we hope you will), we can put together a package based on your individual needs as a company.

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